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This is a quick thanks and acknowledgment to all my fans both old and new; this wouldn't be here without you and your continued support. And if you're new to my site then I thank you so much for checking out my site and my nawty stories; you wont be disappointed I assure you of that. So within these pages you're going to read about my VERY nawty bisexual swinging life experiences, and how it all came about that I became so "out-there" haha.

This is no 50 shades of Grey, that is a load of fantasy bollox, this is all real and much much raunchier.

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kisses to you all and thanks for cumming ๐Ÿ˜›

Shav xx

Below The Belt - This is how I like to play ๐Ÿ˜‰

My first post is not really a story, but more a subject that I'm passionate about ๐Ÿ˜‰ yes... thats right its... masturbation.

Now I know there are a lot of women out there that for one reason or another do not like to play,, but that is not me, I absolutely LOVE to masturbate, I love to play with my pussy and usually do it at least everydayโ€ฆ, and sometimes more.

I like to think about all sorts of things when I play with my pussy and make myself cum. I like to think about girls and guys, sometimes I am being dominated and sometimes I am the mistress.




My pussy is nice and trimmed (not usually bald) and I always like to start by getting a fantasy in my head. For me like most women itโ€™s all in the thoughts; then I start to touch my nipples and give them a little squeeze, first one, then the other, squeezing harder and harder still.

I wet two finger and start to stroke them up and down my pussy, making it nice and wet and juicy, each finger either side of my clit, this gets me so so wet. In fact I'm starting to get wet just thinking about it.

Then start circling my clitoris with each finger on either side of it;

And its at about this time I reach for my one of my toys, my favorite toy at the moment is my purple rabbit. It always makes me cum so hard and i always cum real loud too.

I have many toys but my the rabbit always seems to hit the spot.

I turn it on and the little ears buzz wildly; I hold them against my clit just feeling the crazy tingle race from my pussy right up to my head and nipples and to the tips of my toes; Iโ€™m still squeezing and tweaking my nipple at this point and massaging my breast.


Then I will turn on the other bit of my favourite rabbit, you know the bit that twists the shaft, the shaft has these balls in it and it feels so good inside you. So I'll put it in a few inches and move back and forward fucking myself then push it all the way in and hold it there, so the rabbit ears are once again pushed against my now very engorged clit โ€“ I hold it there, it is driving me wild, Iโ€™m nearly at the brink.

And just as I feel a wave building up inside my pussy, I start to fuck myself hard three or four times with the dildo then hold it there again, buzzing the ears against my clit, then I fuck myself hard again a few more times,,,, then it happens,

I can't help myself and I start to scream out loud and the wave of ecstasy is released from my pussy right up towards my head and my head is tingling and my pussy lips and clit are tingling and I am shaking and I pull out the dildo cause I am so sensitive and can take it no longer.

Fuck I love to make myself cum like that, maybe I can film it for u and send it to you if you like?

If you do want me to make a personal vid of me making myself cum like this and moaning your name as I do then just get in touch I can even send you the toy I make myself cum with as a little memento and if you like I can wear some sexy lingerie or fantasy dress up costume ๐Ÿ˜‰ or whatever you want me to wear.

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