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Hi guys and girls,

Hope you're well and enjoying all my nawty adventures, if you haven't started reading them yet, then you really should.

Afterall, that is what this whole site is about, my extra ordinary bisexual swinging adventures...

The Bisexual Adventures of a Swinging MILF

So, this is the nawty audio page, here you can hear me fucking & sucking and hear me have my world famous orgasms...am_wishlist

And if you want to get a custom audio where I am moaning your name whicl ecuming then you can just send me an amazon gift card or buy me something from my wishlist and I will make one for you.

Nawty custom Audio's are worth a £10 amazon gift or if you want a custom vid then send me a £30 gift card and I'll make you one. If you buy me something to wear you will also get pix of that... and if you buy me a vibrator then you will get a custom vid of me using it to very good effect 😛

But if you just want to listen to my nawty audio's, then click on the picture or on the title to get to the specific audio page.


I like talking nawty 1

I want you to get nice n hard listening to me, always best to listen to my audio's through headphones though, as I do get quite loud 😛 press on the pix → to hear me xxx

I like talking nawty and turning you on... but I also like to get treats too, and believe me, if you treat me... I will treat you right back,,, interested, go to the button below to see what I mean.

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Morning Dirty Talk #1
Oh baby, my legs are wide open for you right now, mmmm thinking about what I want you to do to me is making my cunt nice n wet.
I want you to lick n bite my wet pussy make me moan with anticipation before you slide your big cock inside me... oh yes, fuk me hard baby,, mmmm yes fuck me hard n make me scream.

pussy shootingstar

Morning Dirty Talk 1

Hope this got you up 😉 and at em and ready for the day,,, morning baby mmmm oh yeah mmmmmmmm Click on the pic to hear me talk dirty for you →

I will be your fantasy

I love getting fucked hard and fast and love it when I get a nice big messy load of cum sprayed deep inside my pussy. I will then scoop it all out and taste you mmmmmmmm

I also love being fucked in public, like when I got fucked in the club by a guy i'd just met... read about that nawty adventure here ↓

creampie from stranger / I will be your fantasy

Taking my first e & ended up getting fucked hard in the club toilet


I will suck your cock... nawty audio


I will suck your cock

I will suck your cock

I will suck your cock and put it all into my mouth suck it deeper and deeper n slap it onto my tongue then take your balls in my mouth sucking one ball and then the other then taking your whole shaft into my mouth taking you nice and deep....

mmmmm taking it in and out of my mouth taking it all the way I'll play with it and suck it hard until I make you cum, mmm yes i'll drink

it all mmmm yes, getting all your sticky cum all over my tongue. Then I'll clean all your cock make sure its all nice n clean for you baby.
Im such a nawty milf but I know you love it !!


Slap your cock on my big boobs

Slap your cock on my big boobs

Slap your cock on my big boobs... nawty audio


Slap your cock on my big boobs, mmmmmm i love looking at your cock as it slides between my big tits.... mmmmmmm oh yes please make them sticky so i can scoop up your cum from my nipples and taste you.
Thinking of you


Im just laying here right now playing with my toy and thinking of you ;-)

I love getting some time to myself and playing with my favourite vibe, listen to me cum real loud just for you.

I advise wearing headphone for this one 😉


something to make you smile


Trying to stay quiet shhhhhhh

bent over n ready for your hard cock

Got a few minutes to ourselves on xmas day, my hubby bent me over n fucked me good and hard from behind... I.. tryed to stay quiet... not an easy thing for me to do. Enjoy 😛

Listen to me orgasm and get my pussy filled with cum


Listen to me having a little alone time and taking dirty for my fans...

here are three files of me,, having some fun and talking dirty for you - press the links below for the audios




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having a little play

Hear me moan and make myself cum

Here I am having some alone time and reaching orgasmic pleasure, I like to cum at least once a day... and if there is no man (or woman to help me out then I have to just get out my buzzing bunny and go hand-solo 😉
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Er, yeah, this is what it says on the tin - 30933_102180769827439_100001065493446_16784_5685270_n

Screaming Orgams Good Fucking


I love to get banged hard from behind and then get rewarded with a nice sticky creampie after having one of my "world famous" lol orgasms.

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Hard Fucking and Loud Screaming n nawty I gets a creampie


Listen to how I LIKE TO BE FUCKED !!!

How I like to get Fucked

Get in touch if you think you can make me scream like this !!!



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