Mile-high anniversary on the red eye to Jamaica



Oh yes, I sure was, you see my hubby and I were heading out to Jamaica for our holidays; well if truth be told it wasn't just a holiday it was actually our 1st wedding anniversary it was late Feb and we were heading out of the cold wet cold dreary London weather and off to the sunny Caribbean. Next stop Jamaica, sun, sand, smoke,, and of course lots and lots of SEX.

We had been out partying pretty much the whole weekend so we were both completely shattered; after going through check in, passport control and security Enrique and I were sitting a bar having a "breakfast drink" and he motioned to me that he still had some coke left and wld I like some?

"Erm,, yeah of course", I said!!

So there we were a short while after, sitting in our seats on the plane, ready to take off and feeling pretty good about ourselves. We had our complimentary glass of Champaign (no way i was eating the complimentary nuts in my state though…. lol).

cb_a300x250_02So one more quick line in the first class plane toilets and before too long we were hurtling down the runway towards the blue skys and to our anniversary in a tropical paradise island in the Caribbean.

Now I'm not sure about you lot, but when I take coke I always get a craving for cock. I get ultra-ultra horny and this time was no different. So once we were up in the air and the captain had taken the seat belt sign off we were back to messing around under the blanket. The seats we were in were two together and with the first class side shutters we got a little bit of privacy. We reclined the seats flat and lay down kissing and being silly drinking, snorting through our quick hit bottle and generally getting pretty high. Please excuse the pun 😉

So there we were under the blanket and I started to unzip Enrique's fly, I got out his big dick, it felt so good in my hand, playing with that cock stroking it gently working it in my hand up and down all the while whispering like the dirty girl that I was his

"slut wife" and how

"I love to slowly stroke his big cock" and how

“I want to get all his sticky cum all over my face and hand and in my pussy" etc.


I was getting so wet and was having my pussy rubbed I had a skirt on and his playing with my pussy through my panties was getting me all worked up and my knickers all wet through. I put my head down under the covers and went down on him,, taking his cock into my mouth. Sucking on it, and although we had a little privacy not so much so had to try not to make it too obvious what we were doing under there. But apparently while I was down there our air stewardess did give my hubby a "knowing smile" !! But I guess in first you do get a little bit of leeway as long as your discret, well we did anyway. 

Anyway, after sucking hungrily on his cock for a good 15 minutes or so,, slowly taking it all the way into my mouth and down to the base of his shaft then slowly back out driving him wild and making his toes curl uncontrollably. Licking up and down that long shaft and all the while getting my pussy soaking wet and build-up up my own intensity.

I slid back up slowly,, kissing all the way as I go, kissing his sexy abs and working up his belly. Stopping at his nipples and sucking and biting them,, kissing my way up his neck. Sucking on his ear lobe and then whispering.


"I need to feel your cock inside me now"

"Follow me to the toilet in a minute"

And with that I gave him a quick kiss, turned and walked down the aisle to the toilets.

After a few seconds I heard a little tap on the door and in he came and shut and locked the door behind him. Immediately we were all over each other in a frenzy of passion. He pushed me forcefully against the wall and started to kiss me like a man possessed. Holding my head between his hands and vigorously exploring my mouth with his tongue. I felt his hand move up my legs and under my skirt.

His other was on the back of my head forcing our kiss. I lifted up my leg onto the toilet and his hand was reaching around and slipping into my wet knickers and rubbing against my pussy making me moan, “arghhh yes” I gasped as I felt a finger enter me. “mmmmmmmm” biting my lip as he was now kissing my neck his hand was on my back and I felt my bra un-hook. He lifted up my shirt and pulled it right over my head.

My bra and shirt fell onto the floor and Enrique took my nipple in his mouth.


Kneading and squeezing my left nipple and biting, licking and sucking on my right. He then dropped to his knees and hitched up my skirt and moved my thong to one side and started eating like crazy at my pussy, I was so so wet and was feeling his tongue dip into my cunt, he was sucking like mad on my clit making it engorged almost to the point of being too much.

I felt his finger enter inside my tight snatch and he was fuking me with his finger and sucking on my clit like man possessed. I was holding his head and I was losing control, I needed to feel his bog cock inside me. I pulled him back up and kissed him deeply and passionately once more, tasting my pussy juice all over his face. He pulled away, looked me in my eyes and then without a word he just spun me around pulled my panties down to my knees and thrust his cock inside my tight pussy. I let out a little yelp as I felt his massive cock completely fill my tight hole.

Like an animal he bit me on my neck and shoulder and thrust his cock deep inside me. With every thrust it felt more and more intense, my body was on fire, I was burning up and I'm sure I was making more noise than I was supposed to be in a packed BA Flight – even if we were in first-class and in the early hours of the morning.

As the thrusting got harder and faster and faster and harder my moans were undoubtedly getting louder and louder, most of you know how loud I am when I cum and this wasn’t going to be any different 😉

And if you are in any doubt as to how loud I do get, then I guess you should hit the play button below.


I could feel my pussy was about to explode I was rubbing my clit and being fucked hard and fast and all of a sudden my orgasm crashed into existence, wave after wave from head to toe. The excitement was too much I was shaking all over to keep myself quiet I remember biting my arm hard but this didn't work. shavbgooda1

I screamed out “fuck me hard baby I’m cumming”

and as I did I heard a grunt and felt a big load of cum explode inside my pussy.

mmmmm, I felt his cock limpen and slip out of me, he pulled up my panties and still turned away from him he kissed me on my cheek, gave my pussy a quick rub, and opened the door and left.

I stayed for a moment, had a wee and then wobbled back to my seat, very happy and with a BIG BIG smile on my face and cum dribbling slowly down my leg.

That was a great anniversary holiday, a month travelling round Jamaica, having lots of “crazy” experiences meeting lots of crazy strange but also lovely people. And having a few more wild experiences while we were there.

am_wishlistWow, just remembering this has got me so wet,, it might have just been a quickie but I think because of where we were it was so exciting, I still remember this as being one of my best sexual experiences to date. And I have had many,, for sure 😉 and as your finding out haha :-)


Could there be another nawty vid behind this pic hmmmm you better click and see ;-)

So are you ready to hear more about my Jamaican adventure,  we had a wild time lots of sex including not one but two very nawty threesomes with some Jamaican BBC.

But first of all, I want to tell you about how I helped a friend to reach orgasm for the first time.

Helping out a friend button

Ok, so, again, hope you liked it and don’t be shy, cum say hi

Shav xxx

Click here for More of My Jamaica Trip including 5 more stories and a BBC cuckold vid



  11 comments for “Mile-high anniversary on the red eye to Jamaica

  1. darren
    February 8, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    ur sexual adventures always amaze me. yes i know how loud u moad when u cum, shame theere wasnt enough room for a third person to have slipped his cock in ur mouth. lol. please send me some more pics of u, love wanking off and splashing ur pics in cum. xx

  2. woodynyou
    February 8, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    Sorry, Shav, but I’ve got to call bullshit on this one. I don’t know what kind of airlines you fly, but the ones I have been on are cramped shoeboxes. There is no way anyone having sex could go undetected. Forget about the restrooms — that was the most preposterous part of your story. How many positions did you have in there? You guys must be contortionists! And what a lucky break that nobody knocked on the door while you were going at it! The last time I was on a flight without a line for the bathroom Reagan was president. I liked the way you didn’t mind that your shirt and bra fell to the floor. If it was me I would be concerned about the germs on that floor. But I guess when you’re having hot sex in the wide open spaces of an airport bathroom you forget about those things.

    I also found that your outlook on airplane sex is decidedly liberal, given how stringent your facebook rules are. I guess there’s a time and place for everything. Hey guys…keep your shirts on in Facebook, but not in the 727!

    Even if it was true, which is impossible, I don’t think this works as an erotic story. As far as I’m concerned there is nothing alluring and arousing about things going perfectly. There has to be some tension or conflict. Otherwise it’s just magical thinking — or a dream.

    • Shooting Star
      February 18, 2012 at 11:38 pm

      As we discussed, this is a real story and I don’t really care if you believe me or not,, but you did get my goat and so that is why i spoke to you off line, and i hope i convinced you that it was a true experience. But just for the record, – we didn’t get caught, it was pretty quick and dirty (just one position, getting fucked from behind) however, there is slightly more room in the toilets up front of the plane as we were in first class. regarding my facebook rules? erm, well, i don’t have a problem with getting my tits out,, just not on facebook because you will get deleted, haha,, if you want to see them send me another mail. haha,, it was good to chat, i do hope that we chat more soon. kisses xxx Shav xxx

  3. David
    February 10, 2012 at 12:51 am

    Shav, As for me That makes one wild plane ride to Jamacia. To bad the air stewardess could not have joined in with you! …..As for me sometimes (unlike woodnyou) all the tumblers roll in just the right order and fun pleasurable events like this happen. would have loved to be on the plane with you just to watch the air stewardess watch you playing.

    • shootingstar
      February 18, 2012 at 11:43 pm

      David,, however many crazy experiences I have had on sex on so many beaches I have forgotten, also in the water at Hat Rin in Thailand, even in the back of a coach traveling around Australia, on a train, on the bonnet of our car on the side of the highway with trucks driving past tooting their horns. In our car in the centre of Sydney when the police pulled up beside us,, scary, lol – this flight to Jamaica is my most fondly remembered dirty experience EVER and it’s a pleasure to share it and I’m so glad you enjoyed it babes xx

  4. woodynyou
    February 26, 2012 at 8:05 am

    OK, Shav, I believe you. Sorry for the snarky comment!

    • shootingstar
      February 26, 2012 at 9:01 am

      that’s ok,, and I’m glad I got the chance to convince you change your mind off line,, kisses hun xx

  5. Kenky.
    July 31, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    Ur a true too see u suck my blk dick! Send me some pics fuck you for about 4hours.

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