I meet my love honey at love honey coalesce party

This is the night I met my husband, and although we didn't start a romance until quite a long time after, this was our first meeting, but, it's ok, although it sounds very romantic, it really wasn't... but it was quite raunchy.

OK, so I want to tell you all about the night I met my husband. I know, I know, it sounds a bit boring, but don't worry; this is NOT a mushy romance story at all...coalesce party

I was young, just 22 actually, and although I had come to London on my own I had already had the most amazing time. Just a few weeks earlier I had one of my most mind blowing experiences EVER when I had my first lesbian experience; where you can read about here.

First Lesbian Experience

But this night was going to be my introduction to clubbing, and the world of the dance and the house music scene. I had only been in the country a few weeks and was staying with a friend of a friend who got me this room in this big old house in Camberwell. I didn't know at that time how much living in “The Camberwell House” would shape my life. For a start, it’s where I met the guy that turned into my best friend and much much later, would end up being my husband and life partner. But this night a whole crowd of people came round to the house. I was still quite new and relatively green to the whole London scene.

I didn't know anyone well really but the guys from the house and some others (Enrique included) were heading off to a party down in Hastings in an ice rink. It was an underground party called Coalesce. Hosted by the fabulously bonkers Maddie.

So we headed off to Kings Cross to meet up with some others and get on the coaches that had been hired to take those of us without our own transport down to the south coast.

coalesce party

The trip down to Hastings was pretty uneventful. Up until this point I had been a bit of a crazy young drinker but had not had any experience of drugs except a bit of pot smoking when I was travelling around in India. oh, and maybe an acid in Goa,, but that’s sort of par for the course isn't it 😛 

One of my house mates Mark was really so sweet, kept saying not to worry and that he will look after me and everything as he knew this was going to be me first time at an underground rave like this and my first time taking ecstasy. In fact all my housemates from the Camberwell house turned out to be the best friends I ever and became my family and they still are to this day.

So anyway we arrived at the party and went inside, It was good to get inside as it was cold outside and I was wearing very very short white dress. Inside it was crowded and sweaty, I clearly remember being squashed in as we were heading over towards the bar by  some body builder types without shirts on. Then out of nowhere my friend Mark popped up and gave me a bottle of water and slipped a pill into my hand. 

"Just swallow it darling, don't worry about it babes, I'll look after ya" he said

  I looked down at the pill slightly nervous,

"Don't worry, its nice n clean babes, its a love dove" Mark shouted in my ear. 

 "Fuck it, how bad can a "love dove" be?" I thought, as I just popped the pill into my mouth and took a big swig of water.

"urrrrgghhhhh that tastes like shit" I shouted back into Marks ear,

He just smiled gave me a friendly kiss on the lips, took my hand and we headed off to the font where his friend Julian was DJ'n. That night was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, well actually the whole scene was incredible but that was my first coalesce party and where it all started such a great bunch of totally wicked friends.  

So there I was most of the night at the front of the dance floor with all my "new friends" who it seemed were all part of the crew the DJs the decor people the drug dealers, basicly all the cool people that organise and make these great parties happen.  

So KGB was on and the music was pumping and dirty and I was grinding down to the beats when this guy I had met the weekend before at an after party at the Camberwell house where I was living was dancing with me and leaned in and asked if I wanted a pill.

“Ok” I said, after all he was cute,, and I always did find it hard to say no to cute guys ;-)

It hadn't been that long since I took my first one, and so about half an hour after I dropped the second one I was totally fucked, feeling woozy and was rushing so much, I can't remember who it was but someone had noticed how out of it I was and took my hand and led me to go and sit down on some stairs near where we were all dancing.coalesce party

After a while of sitting there the cut boy who game me the pill came and sat down next to me and put his arm around me. He didn’t talk, just sat down, turned and looked at me and gave me a gorgeous smile,  

"How you doing babe he said. You look fucked huni" 

I smiled an absolutely stoopid grin, and said nothing. Chattering my teeth and shivering with the rushes is all I could manage. He just put his arm around me and sat with me, neither of us saying anything. But it was so nice, so safe and comforting. He rolled and joint and we smoked it together.

coalesce partyAfter a we had finished the spliff he then asked if I wanted a line and took my hand and we went off to the bathroom together. We stumbled into the bathroom stall and closed the door. Enrique sorted out a couple of lines and got a £20 note out of his wallet. He bent over and snorted a line then offered me the rolled up note and I sorted mine too. It was strong, but it defiantly straightened me up though.

When I stood up, we just caught each other’s eyes; it seemed like forever, we were just staring into each other’s eyes mesmerised.

coalesce party

I'm sure I'm making too much of it but it seemed like we were just drawn to each other in that one moment. Then suddenly his lips touched mine. Slowly at first, just lightly brushing mine, taking my bottom lip in his sucking it slowly before releasing and then pulling away, we looked at each other again, I think he wasn't sure if to continue or not.

But I wasn't going to say no and my eyes must have said the same. This time he kissed me stronger, passionately exploring my mouth with his tongue.

I’m not sure what it was (possibly the ecstasy or cocaine) but his kiss was amazing, and I had never been kissed like this before. Holding my head with his hand on my cheeks he kissed me deep and I felt like I was melting as he took absolute control. His left hand moved to behind my head so I couldn't escape his kiss and the other touched my ear and then he lightly dragged it down softly down my neck and tracing to my right breast.

He cupped my tit with his hand and continued kissing me, his other hand went down and squeezed my bum through my dress. I could feel all his strength pushing me against the cubicle wall and I then felt his hard cock rubbing against my belly. His right hand moved from my breast and down to my crotch.

Rubbing my pussy through the front of my dress. His other hand had lifted up my short dress from the back and was now buried in my knickers. Fuk, I felt like a dirty slut, in this toilet, with a guy I hardly knew.

coalesce party

Suddenly he pulled away from our embrace and dropped down to concentrate a little on my breast before getting on his knees and hitching up my skirt. He pulled my white panties to one side and licked on my shaved clit. With both hands now on my bum he pulled me towards him and buried his face in my cunt. I was so wet, I moaned with pleasure as he began to suck on my pussy, making my clitoris grow in his mouth as he sucked and licked me. I felt a finger enter my wet snatch then two and he was on his knees fucking me with his fingers and eating my pussy. It felt amazing, and I felt so dirty.

am_wishlistMy leg was perched on the toilet seat, my hands were holding his head and making sure he couldn't move his mouth as my orgasm was building inside me. His two fingers were doing the “running man” movement inside me and hitting my g-spot.

coalesce party

(The running man, for anyone that doesn’t know is when you have two fingers inside a woman vagina, pointed upwards and do a movement emulating a running or walking movement with your fingers so the tips of his fingers hit the roof of your pussy about an inch or so in and stimulate your g-spot. And because of the constant stimulation of the magic spot it makes my orgasm build so quickly. It’s like, going from naught to sixty in 5 seconds flat and it drives me WILD hahaha ;-) )

So my knees were going week as I felt the first wave flow from my pussy, my body jerking as he continued to finger fuk me. I was moaning before, trying to be quiet but all of a sudden I didn't really care and anyway, it was now impossible not to make some noise. As wave after wave exploded out from my pussy my legs seems to give way and I went weak at the knees and was having problems standing. I had to pull his fingers out from inside me. It was too much to bear.

Enrique had stood up and was undoing his belt and jeans, he got out his hard cock and started wanking it inches in front of my face. It seemed so hard and long and it seemed that as I had involuntary dropped on my knees I should probably take it in my mouth. 

Well, it seemed the right thing to do. ;-)

His cock felt so hard, and I felt so dirty, wanking him into my mouth, sucking on his big hard cock.

I was slapping it on my face and looking up at him with a naughty smile and saying things like

“mmm, baby it’s so big” and

“my god you taste so good”.

I hear him moan and look up at him looking directly into his eyes as I wanked his big cock against my lips.

coalesce party

I slid my hands around so I'm grabbing his tight bum as I took his length right inside my mouth deep throating him and gagging slightly on his big dick.

I lick all the way up the length of his cock and open wide as it drops inside my welcoming mouth,

“mmm” I moan as I look up again at him with his cock in my mouth, wanking it, and playing with those heavy balls, then taking it deep again,, slowly, taking all the way like a dirty slut.

Then all of a sudden he stopped me.

He pulled me up and pulled me towards me and kissed me again. So rough this time, really thrashing his tongue around inside my mouth. His hands were holding my head as he kissed me, then he starts to kiss my neck, his hands are all over me. Grabbing my bum and groping my tits. So passionate and aggressively wild, I am so turned on by his masculinity. I was nestling close into his strong powerful chest.

I could feel his cock rubbing against my belly. S toilet coalesce party

“I am so wet for you” I whispered

“I need to feel your big cock inside me, I need you to fuk me hard, I need you to pull my hair as I scream and cum on your dick, I need you to cum inside me, to fill me up, and make me squirm on your big cock.

He grabbed me; forcefully spinning me around, pushing my face down into the cistern he pulled down my thong, pushed my dress up, and grabbed my hips as he thrust his cock deep up into my pussy.

Sliding in and out of my tight pussy, I could feel his cock stretching me open. Pounding me hard and grabbing my hips and then pulling my hair, forcing his cock deeper and deeper inside me with each and every thrust. I was biting my fist trying not to scream as he fuked me harder and harder faster and faster.

S toilet coalesce party

I felt another orgasm building.

“omg yes, fuk me” I was no longer whispering,

“Do it to me, my pussy is so tight, Fuk yearrrrs” I said and god how his dick felt so good pounding my pussy.

“oh that feels so fuking good! oh oh oh, yes, i’m going to cum. of fuk yeah I’m cuming” I screamed.

I felt my orgasm taking me over, hitting me like a tidal wave,,

“I’m cuming so strong, that’s it fuck me deep baby”. I screamed

Enrique’s thrusts just got even harder and harder. Deeper and deeper. I felt his nails digging into my shoulders and scratching my back. I hear a moan and grunt as I felt his load empty inside me. It felt so warm and wet. His cock slipped out of me and instinctively I scooped some of his cum out of my pussy and stuck my cum sodden fingers in my mouth to taste him.

S toilet coalesce party

Click The pic for another nawty vid ;-)

I love the taste of cum.

I really don’t understand women that won't swallow it. Crazy I think. So as I did this and I was looking directly at Enrique but I heard a noise above me and so there I was with my sticky fingers in my mouth and four guys were looking down over the top of the stall walls on both sides.

I laughed a bit of a nervous laugh, pulled my knickers up and we just casually walked out of there to an applause. It actually really turned me on knowing that people were watching us. I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist and it has always been a turn on.

Later Enrique confessed that he knew people were watching all along but didn't tell me. Not that I would have minded I guess. So anyway, the rest of the night was amazing, I really took to the whole ecstasy party scene like a duck to water.

This was just the beginning of good 5 years of absolute drug fuelled debauchery. We had a lot of wild parties while living in that house in Camberwell.

am_wishlistThe house became synonymous with weekend long after-parties that we became quite famous for. I had many crazy times there. And quite a few naughty ones too ;-)

Like the time that I caught our resident nerd wanking, haha, yeah, it was very funny and ended up being a good turn on for us both.

Read about it here: 

Shav & The Geek - Nerdy Nites R hard 2'Beat


We still put on parties, but now they are more just crazy couples parties, but please don't hesitate if you're a swinging couple or just interested to see what its all about... get in touch and we'll tell you more.

Join us if you shwing ;-)

Kisses as always,

Shav xxx

(& Enrique)

BTW, if you read this and didn't check out the Audio's buttons then your missing out.... 😉

Almost as much as if you didn't find the nawty vid 😛




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  1. toolman99
    September 16, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    Wow…reminds me of the 70,s partying I had done…sex drugs and rock n roll….thanks for the memories. David.

    • September 17, 2012 at 7:11 pm

      sex drugs and dance music,, lol xxx

  2. Mike
    September 17, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    Very nice Shav. As always you got me hard as a rock

    • September 17, 2012 at 7:11 pm

      thanks baby,, glad it’s working then haha

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