Indian Summer First Time Swapping Sex Partners

So I was still in the army and my sort of odd affair with my commanding officer was still on occasionally, but this isn't about him and his weird fetish. If you want to read about that then just go to the button below. But be warned, it is a bet weird and full on.

View of Turtle Island

Army Life Losing My Virginity Again

Anyway, so while we were in the army of course we would get to go on holidays occasionally and a big destination for us all was Eilat.

There was a rule that while you are in the IDF doing national service (I did about two years) then you have to stay in the country so Elite was the destination and man did we have some wild times down there Like this one specifically.

REd SEa FAncy & FRee

So while I was still in the army I met an English boy who was over in Israel traveling, doing the kabuz thing, he was a really sweet boy, really nice and lots of fun. He had lots of lovely long flowing blond hair. And was really good looking in a pretty sort of way.

I felt at the time that I fell in love with him, but I think it might have just been that he was my first real boyfriend and definitely the first guy that was nice and sweet to me. I moved out of home and lived with him in the backpackers hostel he was living at in Tel Aviv.twitter2

We had fun, drank lots and had some wild wild times. Sex was great, well, no, it but it was good, well, goodish i guess you could say 😉 but it was not really anything nawty like I was used to with my my commanding officer whom I commanded.

To read more of my very nawty stories of how he snuck me into his wifes home while she was out and lots of other crazy things I did. Go here

Commanding & Demanding

It was normal. it was nice,,, but I was never going to be okay with just "nice" right?viewgoa30400720

Anyway so I was with boring Paul (this is not his real name 😉 ) for about 18 months in total. But this story isn't about the nice but borning sex we used to have, this story is about the first time I had a swapping experience.

And, sorry Paul, you weren't involved.

After the army my best friend Tammy (Also not her real name 😉 and I had arranged to go traveling to India, Because I was seeing Paul pretty seriously we invited him along and spent around 6 months over there having a crazy time traveling around  with Tammy and Paul. We trekked in Neplal and traveled all over the county and ended up at the end of the trip in Goa. I spent about a month just in Goa and loved it and this happened just about at the end of that time and at about the end of my time in India.

There was this one time when we were out at this bar in Goa and Paul  had a funny tummy, Bombay belly he called it. I think the spicy food didn't agree with his English Innards or something. haha.vgoa15nightclub

Anyway, he had been complaining all day and by now it was really starting to piss me off. in fact, pretty much everything he was doing after being together in India for so long was started to piss me off.

It was still early and so I said to just go back to the hotel and I would stay here and meet him back later. I didn't intend to get up to any nawty mischief... but you have already guessed that I did.

He was hassling me to come back to the room with him and I was getting more and more pissed off. Admittedly, if I was really still into him I probably would have gone back, but it wasn't like he was leaving me alone.

I was there with my best friend Tammy and whole group of people we had been hanging about with over the last three weeks that we had been chilling in Goa so I didn't feel bad in any way sending him back to the room on his own.

"No babes, I'm sorry, I won't be long" I said - giving him a kiss and sending him on his way.

So I carried on drinking and having fun, dancing and flirting and carrying on. I was really feeling nawty and the more drinks I got inside me and the later the night carried on and of course because of the extra freedom as Paul had left and gone back to the room...vgoasexymaxresdefault

Well, who's to blame a girl for allowing her flirtatious side just slip out.... just a little of course

And when I say a little, what I actually mean is a lot 😛

I was loving the power I had. Knowing full well what I was doing and all the boys were vying for my attention.

Tammy pulled me to one side,

"hey calm down with the flirting Shav, you got a good guy back there don't mess it up"

"Yeah, he's nice, too nice Tammy, don't feel bad of me but its just that he's not for me".

"I just need someone with some balls. I shouted out to make myself heard over the music".

"Like Sven", I said, pointing to one of the guys,vgoapartyIMG_4779

" Mmmm, he's sexy"

" Or Alex"

Now both Alex and Sven were from somewhere in Scandinavia, Sweeden or maybe Denmark. I can't quite remember now and they were also over in India to party and have fun.

Tammy just smiled me that smile that says,

"Clearly whatever I say you're not about to listen anyway "

"So let's have some fun then" she said, grabbed my hand and dragged me back to the dance floor.

And we did, the boys kept bringing us shots and we kept downing them and teasing them and getting drunker and drunker. But I was pretty good at holding my drink back then. And knew what I was doing.

About 3am the four of us headed off down to the beach. Falling about and having fun.

Tammy had definitely decided she was going to be getting with Alex and they were stumbling along arm in arm.

And so I was with Sven, he was a cutie. Not massive but very well toned. I remember he had gorgeous arms because I had been teasing him and touching them all night. He had blonde hair which was straight and sort of flopped down in front of his face.vgoa party

He was a couple of years older than me at 22 and he was sort of know as a bit of a "character". He would say odd and crazy things that were completely irrelevant to what everyone was talking about. I felt that he was a lot like me and so had an instant attraction to him.

Alex was good looking too. Not blonde but dark haired and more sexy than cute. But both were fit young men anyway. Not like the pretty boy... that was laying up in bed with Bombay belly.

The next thing that I remember was being on the beach and
we were chatting and joking and fooling about. The usual silly stuff, telling each other the our fantasies and everything.vgoaPICT0723

I think that we ended up playing a game of truth or dare and then I remember that Alex and Tammy getting quite intimate,,, Alex was on his back and Tams was straddling him bent over and kissing him passionately. Her short sarong style skirt had ridden up around her waist and you could see her knickers quite clearly and she was grinding on his crotch as she sucked his face.

Watching my friend like that was definitely a turn on and I pulled Sven down on me right next to my friend and made sure understood what I wanted.

Yes, I did feel bad and guilty for cheating on my boyfriend, but I knew by this point that our relationship really didn't have any future so and I was feeling too horny and nawty for it to make a difference at this point anyway.

So I just gave in to it and made sure he knew that I wanted it too.

"Oh god yes, baby, mmmmmmmm"vgoa-nightlife

I heard Alex moan.

Sven, was groping at my breasts through my white crop top.

I turned my head and saw that Tams was still bent over Alex but now had maneuvered her way down and was busy sucking on his cock.

She was doing a good job too, he was definitely enjoying it and making all the right noises.

She was taking his cock nice and deep in her mouth and I could see his eyes rolling back in ecstasy.

Sven meanwhile had managed to free one of my plump breasts and was busy sucking like mad on my nipple.

"Mmmm, oh mmmmm" I moaned getting hot n horny watching Tammy going to town on Alex's big dick.

Fuck me baby, I need to feel your cock inside me" IMG_2815

I said as I was trying to undo and pull down his shorts to release his cock. I lay on my side and urged him to slide it into me while I had a great view of the show Tams was putting on just two feet away.

"arhhhh yes" I moaned as I felt his length enter me.

Tams looked over with Alex's cock still in her mouth and gave me that knowing look.

Putting on a little show for me she licked up his shaft and played with him in her mouth for a few second more then she got up and straddled him. I heard her let out a little gasp as I watched her sinking down onto Alex's cock.IMG_2816

Sven was building up a nice rhythm and I was starting to moan louder and really enjoying watching Tammy bounce and grind on Alex's cock.  I turned my head to kiss Sven and we managed to roll over so I was flat on my back and had my legs open wide. I felt his dick slip inside me again.

The feeling of him entering me was so good. Filling me up with his meaty cock. I looked over and saw that Tams and Alex were also swapping positions and Tammy was bending over on all fours and Alex was lining up behind her ready to nudge his dick back inside her.

I looked back at Sven who was banging away hard at my little 19 year old pussy I brought my knees up still further allowing him deeper access.

"Oh fuck yes, Sven baby, that feel so good, mmmmm I want to cum on your cock"IMG_2817

I said as I tried to find my clit with my hand so I could frig myself and make myself cum...

but just then I felt Sven's dick swell inside me and his rhythm got even quicker

"urrgggghhh, im cuming " he said as he unloaded inside me.

"oh yes, baby, cum inside me"

I said... just a little disappointed that I hadn't managed to finish. But Sven then surprised me and he kissed me deeply and then started going down below to eat me out some more...

mmmmmm, oh yes baby, mmmmm"IMG_2823

I said as he started licking me gently and tasting his own cum that was seeping slowly out of my tight pussy.

To be honest Sven was not very good at licking pussy, I tried to guide him to suck on my clit but he wasn't really doing it for me so I gently started to play myself. I looked over again to catch the final thrust of Alex into Tams pussy and he grunted loudly and collapsed on top of her.

I looked back at Sven and started talking dirty to him.

"oh god yes that feels so good, I want to cum baby watch me cum for you" 

I got him to insert a couple of fingers as I squeezed down and bucked on them and played with my clit making me moan as I felt my orgasm start to build inside me.

It intense feeling always starts down in my pussy and builds like a warm glowing fire I quicken my pace and open my legs a little wider to get Sven's fingers deeper trying desperately to move them so he hits my g-spot.

I look over and see that both Alex and Tammy have both started watching me playing with my clit and Tams was playing with Alex's cock again which was back to being nice and hard.IMG_2813

The sand on my back, the moonlit starry sky and three eager eyes watching me was turning me on so much it didn't take long.

"Oh fuk yes, like that Sven" I said as he started moving his fingers up and down and hitting the right spot at last. 

Oh fuk yes, watch me cum baby, oh god yes, oh fuck yes, oh god im cumming arrrrrrghhhhhhh"

I screamed as wave after wave of orgasmic delight was sent crashing over me.

After I had stopped convulsing (which took a more than a little while haha) I noticed that in the shadows we had drawn quite a crowd. Mostly Indian men crouching down and watching us some standing quite boldly up and with their cocks in their hands.

"Fuck sake guys, look at the crowd we've attracted" I said

"Maybe we should head off back to our room and continue there?" said Alex still with a raging hard on.IMG_2814

I looked at Tams who just shrugged and smiled and so,

"yeah, sure, let's do that",

I said while quickly gathering up my cloths and putting them on pulling on my white top down over my bare breasts.

As we started to leave the beach the sun was coming up over the water. We got to Sven and Alex's cabin and smoked some charas and then started to get nawty again. This time I decided I was going to try Alex and so while Tams was sucking him I got in there and started sucking him too.

I think having two young girls sucking on his dick was almost too much and I had to stop as I didn't want him to cum before he fucked me.

Soon Tams was over on Sven's bed and I was with Alex on his bed and again we were watching each other as we played and teased our respective men.

Snapshot 17 (19-07-2014 09-15)

Click the pic to watch me get covered in cum :-P

Unfortunately by the time I bent over and got Alex to slide his cock inside me I think it had all been too much. Like Sven before him, he lasted only a couple of minutes banging away at my pussy and then pulling out as he sprayed his load all across my back.

"mmmmmm, baby that feels so good"

I said as I felt his cum drip down my bum crack and over my pussy lips.

am_wishlistAfter having a quick shower with Alex I quickly got dressed again and headed off to face the music; I knew what I had to do. It wasn't a good thing I did, but sometimes if something is over when it's is over. And when you close one chapter, you very quickly open up a new one.

Talking about new chapters, press the button below and let's move n to the next chapter in the nawty (now not so) secret sexual adventure of a swinging milf (that's me 😉 ) 

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Shav xxx

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