First time swinging – by Tommie_tomm2

Swingers, we thought, were nasty. That is, until we ourselves became swingers. Our story like many stories starts with a marriage of 19 years. My wife Nancy and I enjoyed sex, but it had become predictable, not spontaneous, somewhat boring!

Then we started considering becoming swingers, but not quickly and not all at once.


We used to have fantasies of having sex with other couples while we would have sex. I would tell my wife that she was being fucked by another man as I was fucking her in her tight but willing cunt, and holding a dildo in her open and hot ass.

After a while, the stories started being of swinging with couples we knew. As time went by, we seemed to focus our swinger stories on our friends, Tom and Sylvia. Tom was a friend of mine since the early days, I had seen his cock plenty of times in showers growing up and knew he had a big dick. I didn’t know if he was a swinger, but our fantasies assumed he was.

Sylvia was a real looker. She was tall, blonde and had amazing natural big tits that I lusted over. Would she be willing to enter the world of swingers? We didn’t know, but we wanted to find out.

Tom usually played somewhat sexually with my wife, grabbing her ass or giving it a slap as he would walk by when he would be at our house at a party. Sylvia and I got along great, and many times I felt she on-purpose would slide her hands up and down my shoulders and arms, seeming to enjoy the touch of my body.


As our swinger fantasies centered on Tom and Sylvia more and more, the thought came to us that perhaps we should try to see if they were interested in becoming swingers for real. My wife admitted that she found Tom sexy, and woul
d be willing to try having sex with him. I told her that I wanted to have a try at being a swinger with Sylvia.

We spent months talking about this, getting used to the idea of seeing each other having the most intimate of relations with another person and becoming swingers. As we talked about it, we realized we both would be OK with swinging, as long as the other person was OK with it.

So, we decided to try to become swingers for real with Tom and Sylvia. We planned on inviting them over for a party, just the two of them, but without telling them of our swinging plans. We wanted to get them rather drunk, and then play a porno movie in our living room, inviting them to watch. Our plan was for us to start having sex in front of them, to see if they would start having sex between them. If they did, we would then suggest that perhaps we should try swapping partners, becoming the real-life swingers we fantasized about.

The night of the swinger party we were both excited beyond belief. We were also very nervous. What if Tom and Sylvia shunned us? What if we were actually not OK with being swingers? What if seeing our spouse with another person brought feelings of jealousy? We drank a toast together, and determined that if we were not OK with swinging we would use the code phrase “I’m very cold.” That would tell the other spouse to stop swinging, that one of us was not OK with being a swinger.

With that, the doorbell rang and my heart jumped as I realized we were about to try becoming real swingers with our friends. Tom was dressed in his usual jeans and tight T-shirt. I noticed my wife eying his crotch, perhaps trying to estimate the size of that cock.

Sylvia had a pretty, low-cut dress that showed her amazing cleavage. She was drop-dead gorgeous, and I gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek, her perfume was delicious. My boner started growing just thinking I might get a chance to become a swinger with her, and have sex with another woman other than my wife. They brought us wine as a gift, and with no hesitation we immediately opened the wine and poured everyone a drink.

As the secret “become swingers” evening went on, the wine flowed and our inhibitions loosened. We opened another bottle, and with the courage of wine I went into the living room under the pretence of turning on music. Instead, I hit the TV remote and the porno started playing. Pretending to be embarrassed, I commented that I must have goofed. On cue, my wife said she didn’t believe a couple could enjoy sex in the position the current couple on the TV were doing, the woman’s legs spread wide and her feet behind her ears as the stud on TV fucked her ass.


To our surprise, Sylvia laughed and said that was one of her favourite positions with Tom! Sylvia sat on the couch next to my wife to watch more of the porno, and with a wink at me my wife signalled that becoming swingers was looking more possible.

Tom sat on the love seat next to the couch with me, drinking his wine and watching the porno. I went to the kitchen to get more

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wine and made sure to pour everyone an especially big glass. I then sat down next to my wife on the couch. Sylvia had moved over to join Tom on the love seat.

All four of us now watched the porno, and as my cock got harder and harder I knew the moment had come when we would see if we would be swingers with Tom and Sylvia! I started massaging my wife’s shoulders, back, and after a minute her breasts. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tom and Sylvia looking at us.

As the porno continued, I began unbuttoning my wife’s blouse, rubbing my hands over her bra, which was now exposed to Tom and Sylvia’s gaze.

Swingers shouldn’t be nervous, but I sure was! I kissed my wife’s neck, ears and cheek as I pulled the hooks from the back of her bra and slowly let it fall off her tits. My heart was racing! Would they get up and leave, now that they saw my wife’s tits, or would they continue watching us and perhaps allow us to become the swingers we hoped to be?

Tom and Sylvia continued to stay, and he was actually rubbing her tits over her clothes, his hands going up and down her cute dress! Maybe our swinging fantasy would become reality after all! I continued to play with my wife’s sensitive nipples and breasts. She put her head back on my shoulder and closed her eyes, feeling no doubt the excitement of being exposed in front of our friends, and hoping to become real-life swingers!

The porno continued, the man now penetrating the willing woman’s cunt in the doggy position, the camera showing his big cock pushing in and out of her hot, slutty pussy. I gently pushed my wife down so her back was on the couch, pulling her skirt down her legs, exposing her G string panties. I pushed her legs high into the air, moving her ass off the couch, and pulled her G string up, up and off her long legs.


Whether we would be swingers or not, my wife was now fully naked and exposed in front of Tom and Sylvia! My cock was rock hard!

I moved back on the couch and opened my wife’s legs wide. I moved my head to her now dripping crotch and started licking her wet and willing cunt. Whether we would be swingers or not, at least she would enjoy herself for this part! It was amazing, but Tom and Sylvia were watching us, and he had pulled her dress down her shoulders to reveal those most amazing breasts, which he was now massaging and pulling on.

My tongue flickered around my wife’s clit, slit and cunt. It was the fastest way to get her excited and she responded by arching her back, her cunt flowing with the wetness of wanting to be penetrated. My cock was now rock hard, and knowing that if our swinger fantasy was to become real, I would have to mount her and start fucking her, but not cum!

I quickly removed my clothes, and as I did I noticed that Sylvia’s dress was now off, as were her panties and bra. Tom was naked as well! Our swinger fantasy was becoming reality! He was busy moving his wife into a position to be fucked, and as I mounted my wife, my cock slowly pushing into her hot and wet cunt, I felt certain swinging was in our future!

I fucked my willing wife’s wet cunt faster and faster, making sure to grind my pubic bone into her clit. The familiar clenching of her toes and cunt told me she was in for the first of what would probably be many orgasms. My wife’s low moaning became the usual loud cries of

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” as she started her first orgasm.

Even if the night didn’t result in us becoming swingers, at least I knew she was enjoying herself with her usual orgasms!IMG_2684

As my wife’s orgasm subsided, I looked up to see that Tom was now mounting Syliva. They were both naked, her magnificent body exposed to our lusting eyes with her back on the back of the love seat, her butt hanging over the edge, her legs spread wide and up in the air, and Tom’s large shaft inches from penetrating her slutty, hot cunt.

To my surprise my wife got up and went to Tom’s back. As he mounted his hot wife my wife reached gently to his ass, starting to feel his tight butt. My wife looked at Sylvia, who smiled and then laid her head back on the back of the love seat, feeling no doubt Tom’s magnificent cock as it penetrated her willing, wet cunt.

As Tom and Sylvia continued to fuck, my wife played with his ass and balls. I moved to the back of the love seat, directly in front of Sylvia’s head. I slowly moved my hands down Sylvia’s perfect breasts, and looked at Tom to make sure it was OK. He nodded as he continued to fuck his wife, and I realized that the dream of becoming swingers was becoming reality! I massaged Sylvia’s incredible breasts, pulling gently on the nipples and feeling their weight with my hands. I was in heaven!

After a minute of Tom fucking Sylvia, my wife spoke up and asked if he would be interested in doing the same thing to her. My wife and I looked at Tom and Sylvia. She had opened her eyes, and was now looking at Tom. He looked at her, a question in his eyes. Was this it? Would they go down the path of being swingers with us? My heart was beating a mile a minute!

Sylvia spoke and said, “Yeah Tom, I think you should fuck her, just like you’re fucking me!”

I almost had a heart attack! Our fantasy of becoming swingers was about to become reality!IMG_0198

Tom slowly moved off his wife, and while he was doing that I asked Sylvia if she would be willing to let me have a try at her. I was rewarded by a smile, and I almost ran around the love seat to where my swinger fantasy was waiting with spread legs and a wet, used cunt!

My wife had moved back to the couch, pulling Tom’s cock with her, and Tom with it! She positioned herself exactly as Sylvia was positioned, her back on the back of the couch, her ass hanging slightly off, and spreading her legs wide to accept Tom’s big dick.

I watched as for the first time during our marriage another man slowly thrust his rock hard cock into my wife’s willing pussy! We were swingers!

It was my turn now, and I moved my cock to Sylvia’s pussy lips. My dream of fucking Sylvia was about to come true! My heart was almost in my throat as I slowly pushed her labia open with the head of my dick. I pushed gently into the cunt of my friend’s wife. She groaned as I entered her, and slowly started fucking her. I moved my shaft all the way in that hot cunt, then slowly all the way back out, making sure to grind my pubic bone on her clit as I pushed my shaft to the hilt.

Every now and again I looked over as my pretty wife, her legs open wide in a slutty position, took the length of Tom’s big dick. She was moaning loudly, and I was surprised, but strangely excited to hear her call out

“Yes! Fuck me, fuck me harder! Oh yes!” Follow Me On Twitter

Swingers we had become, and it was amazingly hot and sexy!

I was getting ready to explode, my orgasm building in my balls, and I knew I couldn’t last in Sylvia’s hot and slutty cunt. Swingers we were, and it felt great! As she started moaning louder I realized she was about to have her first orgasm. I pumped her cunt with my hot cock, and as I came over the brink to orgasm I pulled out, masturbating my cock as it sprayed hot, stick cum all over Sylvia’s tummy, breasts and face.


Tom lasted longer, fucking my wife in several positions as Sylvia and I watched. Sylvia stroked my soft cock, and before too long I started growing again and realized Sylvia and I were going to fuck again.

We fucked the rest of the night, and shared multiple positions, swapped partners multiple times, and had the most amazing swinger party possible. We had done it! We had made our fantasy reality and become swingers. We had more sessions with Tom and Sylvia, and more sessions with other couples that shared our delight in fucking new pussy or cock. Swinging for us became our big sexual thrill, and being swingers opened up a new world of sexuality we each shared.

thank to you all for reading my story,

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