Choose ur nawty flavour

Here are all the stories on the site (not just my own nawty adventures) categorised into the nawty flavours... so... what's your nawty flavour? Just click on the picture to get through to all related nawty stories.

Threesomes and Group fun

Read n hear about my and my friends wild group adventures and my favourite swinging experiences

Fem-fun; Lesbian adventures

Or maybe you prefer to indulge your imagination in some fem fun and all the thrills n spills of the all girl encounters. ←

Bondage & Fetish Fun

Sticks n stones may break my bones but whips n chains excite me :-P & if they excite you too, check out these raunchy stories.     →

Danger Sex

I like danger sex - whether it is "Mile High" in a a jumbo jet or on beaches, in boats buses, trains or even on the side  of the motorway on the bonnet of the car with traffic going past and all the truckers "hooting" their horns ;-)

Cuckold & Gangbang fun

Nasty Nawty Gangbangs and cuckold and fun with the nawty guys with BBC's

Mixed race fun

Mixed race shananagans ;-)

wet n wild



Stories involving getting wet n wild in the shower or in jacuzzies -

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  1. Jim new
    March 29, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    I haven’t read any yet but I’m going to when I get a chance.

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