Best sex party ever

So last night I went and checked out another party;niteclub 02

I hadn't been for a while so had been looking forward to it for ages. I was so keen that I got there early and things were still very quiet. There were just a few couples and at these things always start off slow and everybody is a bit stand-offish.

But very soon as the drinks start flowing people’s inhibitions slowly disappear and the mood starts to become sexy and the atmosphere is magic. The dance floor starts to get full with sexy dirty dancers. Bumping and a grinding and moving and a grooving to the sexy house beats.  

So the room was filling up and I was dancing with the other crazy “lifestyle” freaks. There was one sexy mover in particular and we caught each other’s eye. She came over and introduced herself as Michelle. She was a curvy girl, with nice big breasts, sexy eyes and a kind smile.

We flirted and chatted for a while dancing all the time. Then she grabbed my hips and her leg was between mine. I was grinding on her thigh and my short black dress was riding up to my hips and showing my thong. One hand was on my breast and other was on my bum and forcing my pussy hard onto her. My clit was hard already and I was getting nice and moist.379_1000

Our lips touched lightly, my tongues met as we explored each other’s mouths. I was starting to moan softly and put my head into the nape of her neck.

“Mmmm, u r making me so wet baby”

I said as I nibbled gently on her earlobe.

My hand was between her legs now, rubbing her pussy through her underwear and I could tell I was definitely having the same effect on her as I felt her thong getting damp.

We went off to the bar and chatted and flirted some more, my guy had also hooked up with a woman. And was doing pretty much the same thing. I suggested that we head off to have some fun. jaccuzi3

We left the bar area and dance floor with our drinks and headed into the back rooms hand in hand. It was still early and so I suggested that we start the night with a quick dip in the Jacuzzi. I pulled my dress over my head and slipped out of my now soaking wet panties. Mmmm, the water is lovely baby, jump in” I said as I watched Michelle undress climb in next to me. We were the only two in the Jacuzzi and soon we were kissing again as we explored each other’s bodies. 

I was straddling her against the side of the jacuzzi and pulled out of our kiss. I looked into her eyes with a naughty glint in mine. I kept playing with her nipples as I made my way, kissing down her neck and down to start to circle her nipple with my tongue. Flicking them and making them stand up.

My nipples are so sensitive. I love to have them licked and sucked. I was flicking her nipple and sucking gently and then moved to the other one. Michelle had her hand between my legs and the feeling of the hot bubbles and the sex charged atmosphere was getting me moaning.

I moved my hand down to rub her clit and again we started to kiss.

“Oh god yeah” she moaned as I slipped a finger inside her.jaccuzi2

“Mmmmmm” was my response as felt a finger slip inside my tight pussy.

My pussy is so very tight but I was so wet it just slid in. We were looking into each other eyes, kisses then breaking the kiss and looking into each other’s eyes again as we fingered each other. I noticed that someone else was getting into the Jacuzzi but didn't take much notice.

Michelle’s slipped in another finger inside me and I was starting to moan louder still and bucking on her fingers. A third finger was rubbing on my clitoris and I could feel that it wasn't going to be long before I was going to explode. jaccuzi1

“of fuck yes, yes, yes, yes like that” I screamed as I felt my orgasm building up inside me. 

I was riding her fingers and had mine insider her. My other hand was holding her head into my chest and the water was splashing over the sides. Suddenly I screamed out loud as my first orgasm of the night ripped through my body.

We were creating waves in the pool as the waves of ecstasy were rushing from my pussy like a tsunami over and over again. My pussy was clenching around her fingers and she had my nipple in my mouth.

“Aarrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh faarrrkk I’m cumming” I screamed.    

I bucked on her fingers as my orgasm subsided. Then had to pull away,, I get so sensitive after cumming. We once again locked in another embrace and then I pulled her up out of the water so I could go down on her and taste that sweet pussy.

I must admit, that one of my all time favorite things to do in the world is cunnilingus (sucking pussy for all of you that don’t know that word lol).

Each woman tastes different, but I have yet to find a pussy that I did not like the taste of.jaccuzi4

I licked up her thighs while playing with her clit in-between my two fingers. Slowly dragging my tongue towards that sweet honey pot prize. She was so wet, and I’m not just because we were in a jacuzzi. Haha mmmmmm, my first taste of pussy of the night tasted so divine, mmmm so sweet. I circled my tongue over her lips and slipped it inside. Scooping out her nectar as I continued to tease her clit between my fingers.

Then, I slipped my fingers deep inside her, she was so wet my two fingers slipped in easily. I started to flick my tongue on her engorged clitoris and then circled around teasing her. Michelle’s groaned loudly as I drove my fingers in deep inside her. I started to suck on her bud, sucking it in and out of my mouth and making her even more erect. I love to turn women on like this. 

I curled my fingers inside her and started to finger her more roughly, hitting the g-spot still while sucking on her clit like a woman possessed. I pulled my fingers out for a bit and replaced it with my tongue. Drinking her sweetness, I replaced my fingers, this time I slipped three inside her and really started fucking her hard. Telling her I wanted to watch her face as she came.

Her moans were filling the room and I could tell I wasn't going to have to wait much longer. I kept fucking her forcefully, making she to hit that g-spot and then her legs tightened around my head and she pushed my face into her twat as she bucked on my fingers. I felt a huge wetness as she squirted all over my mouth and face. I opened my mouth and caught it on my tongue. I was absolutely covered. I came up and kissed her passionately once again before.IMG00418-20120529-1339

“Fuck that was brilliant”. Michelle said as soon as she had caught her breath.

“of course it was good baby” I said. “I’m always good huni...”

and I winked a nawty wink. 

The others that were in the Jacuzzi were my man and the girl he had been dancing with. I sat and cuddled with my new friend and watched as she sucked his cock. It was quite a show, she was really going for it, taking it all down her throat and wanking him and playing with his balls.

I heard a familiar grunt and we watched as he unloaded a big wad of cum in her mouth.

“Good girl” I thought as she swallowed the lot.

We then got out of the jacuzzi, picked up our cloths and headed into one of the orgy rooms. 

The room was filled with the familiar sounds of sex, one woman was moaning and screaming as she was being bent over and fucked from behind while sucking another guy. IMG_0519

We found a spot on the bed and my man opened my legs and started to lick and suck on my pussy. Suddenly I had two cocks in my face. It’s ok to tell people no, but I was in no mood to tell anyone no at this point so like a good girl I started to alternate between them and suck these two monster cocks as I felt my pussy being filled with a third. Stretching me open as he drove deep inside me.

I like women, but god I LOVE to be fucked by a nice hard cock too. He was drilling deep into my pussy. I had six hands all over my body, feeling my tits and pinching my nipples. One of the guys who had his cock in my face grabbed my head forced his cock right down my throat. He was fucking my face hard slamming his cock in and out of my mouth.

I felt his cock engorge in my mouth and I knew he was about to blow his load. I kept sucking him hard and wanking the other guy. All of a sudden I heard a groan and felt a nice warm load of cum hit the roof of my mouth. I swallowed the lot and sucked him clean then turned my attention to the other guy, taking him deep in my mouth, sucking and wanking him and playing with his balls. 

My man took his cock out of my pussy and started to rub his big cock all over my clit, really starting to build me up and after just a minute of this I felt another orgasm building inside my pussy. I started to moan as then he slammed it back inside me.Shavbgood-5

All of a sudden I felt a hand around my throat and my pussy was on fire as his big hard cock slammed in and out of my sopping wet pussy. I took the other cock out of my mouth and started to slap it across my face. I was in too much pleasure to concentrate on giving head with my man pounding my pussy hard and fast.  

My pussy was burning as I screamed

“fuck yes like that, oh my god I’m going to cum” as my orgasm ripped through my body

“cum on my hard cock Shav, I’m gonna keep fucking that tight pussy until you cum all over my big dick” he said as he had his hand round my throat still.

“oh fuck yes baby, Im cuuummming”  I screamed as I came again for the second time that night.

“fuck yeah” I heard someone say and realized it was someone else just watching the action kneeling next to us and wanking himself off.Fri-Night-Fun41

My man then grabbed my hips and thrust even harder than before: The sweat was pouring off him and his sexy muscular body was glistening in the soft light. Suddenly I heard a grunt and I was sprayed with a massive load of cum. All over my body, I thought it was my man fucking me but he just kept going and I realised it was the guy wanking. I scooped up his cum and wiped it on my mouth and licked my fingers.

I was still wanking off the other guy and looking in his eyes.

“Cum on my face baby”

“please, I need to taste you” I said.

“oh my god yes, I’m going to cum he said as I wanked him harder still with my mouth open and my tongue out waiting to catch his load. I was then rewarded with another load of cum all over my face and in my mouth.

Just as he was cuming in my face I felt the wonderful feeling of my mans dick getting even harder inside me and I knew he was about to cum too.  

“mmmmmmmmm, baby yes, fill my pussy with your load” I moaned as I felt a nice warm load explode deep inside my pussy.Fri-Night-Fun44

We collapsed on the bed and caught our breath back for a few minutes chatting and watching two women in a sixty nine and a guy behind one of them and banging away like his life depended on it. Haha.837_1000

Eventually we got up and got a few cloths on and went back to the dance floor and bar area. I ordered another Vodka Redbull. My man was chatting to a guy at the bar called Matt. We got our drinks and the three of us wandered off to have chill out at the tables for a while. We sat and chatted for a while with Matt and his wife Michaela.

They were really sweet and new recruits to the swinging scene. Michaela wanted to come along to try out a woman. Well, this sparked my interest. It’s all good having all the attention from guys but my preference is always going to be other women.838_1000

And Michaela was sweet. She was a curvy woman, not fat, but definitely curvy, and really sexy too. She had gorgeous eyes and a very pretty face. So after a while of chatting and flirting of course I had maneuvered myself to be sitting next to Michaela and was stroking the inside of her thigh. She said that she was so turned on by the thought of being with a woman and never even kissed a woman before. That was all the invite I needed so I said well, let’s see if you like it then as I leaned closer and moved my hand further up her thigh as did. I touched her lips softly. So gentle, remembering my first experience with a woman and how soft Anna had been with me.  

Read about my own first lesbian experience here: My First Lesbian Experience 

So I gently touched my lips to hers, moved my hand up further under her short skirt and started to rub her crotch through her knickers. Taking her bottom lips gently and then opening wider and touching her tongue gently with mine. Kissing her softly and exploring her mouth with my tongue. I pulled away and started to kiss her neck and whispered into her ear.836_1000

“mmmmm, you're getting wet baby”

“ohhhh yeah” she responded.

So, do you want to take this further and explore some more huni?”

Mmmmmm oh yeah” she said again.

Haha, looks like I was having the effect I was hoping for I thought as I grabbed her hand and we headed off to the room with the guys in tow.

We headed again through to the back, past the Jacuzzi and through to the rooms. This time I walked to the end of the corridor and poked my head into all the rooms as I went to see if I could find one that didn't have too much going on. The last room was empty so I stepped in and led my new friend in behind me. 835_1000

We sat on the bed for a while still chatting. Michaela said that she had been thinking about this for a while and they had tried to meet up with people from internet dating / swinger sites but hadn't found a couple or woman that they wanted to go further with so they thought they would come along to this night and see what happened.

And so far they had sat together in the corner for most of the night smoking cigarettes and not approaching anyone. She said that she had seen me dancing earlier and she had wanted to come and join in but she had been too shy. So it was just a stroke of luck when her guy came back with us to her table lol. 

I started to stroke her leg again and she was looking nervous and excited at the same time.

“Don’t worry baby, we’ll go as slow as you like huni” I said.842_1000

With that I stood up and pulled my dress over my head and slowly climbed onto of her pulled her shirt over her head and pushed her slowly to the bed.

Michaela’s tits were massive and quite firm too. I immediately started to play with them, kneading them in my hands before slowly lowering my mouth and taking her nipple in my mouth. The guys were watching the show and had their cock out wanking slowly. I flicked my tongue over her nipples then sucked on them gently teasing them and slowly making them nice and erect.


I let my hand slip down between her crotch again and continued where I had left off in the bar. Rubbing her pussy through her knickers and getting her nice and wet and ready for my tongue.

“Mmmmmm, oh yeah” she moaned (again 😉 lol843_1000

I think the boys must have been getting eager to join in as I felt a hand on my pussy and noticed that Matt now had his cock in Michaela’s face wanking furiously. I started moving my way down Michaela’s body kissing all the way, licking down from her gorgeous big tits down over her belly and on her sides. I pulled her thong to the side and started kissing her bald pussy mound just above her clit. Gently teasing her I blew on her clit before stroking my tongue all the way down her slit. 

“mmmmmm you taste so good baby” I said looking up and noticing that she was slightly distracted with both our guys cocks in her face now.

I got back to work on her clit, poking her with my tongue, then flicking it over her little bud, taking it in mouth and sucking her in and out. I stuck my fingers in my mouth to get them all nice and wet and pushed one inside her tight pussy.mike033


Angling my finger down at first and then taking it out, putting two back inside her, and then twisting them around so I am finger fucking her and pushing up against her g-spot. Still sucking, licking and gently nibbling on her clit.

“Oh my god, fuck yeah,,,, oh my god, like that, shit shit shit”

I started screwing my fingers around inside her and then directed them back to her g-spot. I started hammering upwards knowing that this would drive her wild as it does me. I was on my knees and I felt my knickers being taken off and a big cock playing with my pussy lips. I looked up again and saw that my man still had his cock in Michaela’s face and so it must have been Matt slowly nudging his way into my tight pussy. I felt my pussy lips open as he pushed his big cock inside me. mike028

“Oooorrrrgggghhh” I moaned as he sunk his length deep inside my tight pussy.

“Fuck yes baby, that’s so deep”.

One of the best feelings in the world is when you get entered for the first time, with a nice big fat cock. 

Michaela’s moans were getting louder and louder as I kept fucking her pussy with my fingers and sucking on her clit. I felt her contract around my fingers as she screamed.

“Oh my god yes,, fuck yes, fuck fuck baby, of god yes,,, oh god yes I’m going to cum, please keep fucking me like that yeeeesssssss, oh shit I’m cuming arrrggghhhhhhhh”.

She was bucking on my three fingers deep inside her.


As Matt watched his wife cuming he started pounding my pussy harder and harder. He was going so deep and I was feeling another orgasm cumming on fast. I could feel his big balls slapping against my pussy.mike029

“Yes baby, smack me, I want you to slap my arse baby, oh fuck yes, I want it rough, pull my hair as you fuck my tight pussy.

“yes, like that, fuck me harder, harder, harder, yes, like that. Oh god yes baby yeeeessssss”.

I felt an explosion inside me and I screamed loud as I came on this guys huge cock. Suddenly he pulled it out and I felt a nice warm load spray all over my bum. I love to feel a nice load land on me and then drip down over my pussy lips. We collapsed together on the bed and he started kissing me and saying thank you. Seriously, he couldn't stop thanking me which I thought quite amusing. Lol 

Michaela was now riding my mans cock and by the look of things she was enjoying her first swinging experience very much. I watched her face as it contorted again as she was cuming all over my mans cock. He also has a big dick and is a very good screw. I decided to squat down over his face and kissed Michaela as she was riding him. mike023

I was rubbing my cunt all over my guys face and knew as he started bucking her harder that he was going to cum soon.

“Cum inside her” I told him. “Mmmmmmm, I want you to cum insider her so I can lick it out”. 

“Yes, that’s it baby,,, fucking cum in her pussy mmmmm oh yeah”  

Urrgghhhhhh” he grunted as he unloaded inside her.

“mmmmmmm, yeah, was that good baby” I said as I pushed her off him and opened up her legs”

“oh god yes,,, that tastes sooooo fucking good” “tasting your both cum mixed together”. 

There are showers in every room at the club so we all jumped in washed off a bit. I probably shouldn’t have bothered because as I went out of the room I was caught by Danny our wonderful host who dragged me off to have a lovely sensual oil massage by the house masseuse.

So, that was my last Friday night, fun hey, and, the best thing is I’m going to go again this Friday. This time it’s at the viler. It’s a great big manor house.

Read about one of my nights at the villa here.  Best Sex Party Ever

So, I hope you have enjoyed this story. It was a long one I know, but to be fair it was a long night and a lot happened.

So, if you are a couple and you want to come along to a party like this.

Then get in touch

and don't forget to comment below if you like what you read, I really appreciate it, or get in touch via the site or of course you can always cum and say hi via twitter.

And heres another of our very nawty party nite adventures. 

Birthday Treat For Hubby

Kisses to you all,

Shav xxx


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  1. darren
    November 3, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    such a good read, had my hand on my cock the whole time, slowly pumping my length, firm but slowly. god, ur such a good read, shame i havent got a partner, would love to join ur swinging party and taste ur sweet pussy juices for myself as i watch ur husband ram his cock up my partner. looking forward to more stories. xx

  2. offshore company
    November 5, 2012 at 6:09 am

    I can feel myself coming to orgasm. As I reach the very height of it, my body twitches and I let out a long stream of clear cum out of my pink swollen pussy. My clit is throbbing and I’m breathing so fast. Someone’s fingers are shoved up inside me, my g-spot is hit several times and I begin to cum again. I’m uncuffed and I feebly stand up. I’m so weak. The girls hug me and I leave, drained but totally satisfied.

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