Army Life… losing my virginity (again)


So, that's where we start... 

The story of my crazy life. Well, this is actually the story of my sexual life so I guess when and where I lost my virginity is a good place to start...

But I have never ever told anyone this story about how I lost my virginity. I never told my parents. I never told my friends that I went out with. I told my husband that something happened once but I have never told him either exactly what did happen. I even went to a therapist once. And I never told her either. So you're the the first... so now it's our secret; okay ;)

If you didn't read the secret story - then go here... 

My Secret

So, lets get onto the next major experience of my nawty life:

I guess when I started thinking about my life and started writing about my sexual swinging adventures it did get me wondering about how I am this way and so many people aren't.

And it seemed strange to me because you would imagine that anyone that has been through this sort of experience goes inside herself and becomes frigid and cold towards men and sex.

But I didn't at all. In fact the very next weekend I went out with my friends again and kept on drinking copious amounts of alcohol and getting very very out of it.

So I spent the next couple of years drinking and partying. I was drafted into the Israeli army where I didn't ever fight anyone but we learnt about guns and shooting and did lots of guarding of the base. But I was so off the rails I don't really remember much of that chapter of my life.

There was this one time that I do remember while guarding though. I was guarding the base and had sneaked a bottle of Vodka and fizzy orange into the all night shift guarding shift on the base.

Obviously this was slightly more than frowned upon if you got caught. But I didn't really care for the authority of the army and was only doing the guarding because if you didn't you would go to jail.

And I didn't really fancy that. Just the other week I had got a final warning for something and definitely I was going to prison if I was caught doing anything wrong again. 

So, there I was, with my bottle of "fizzy orange" sitting in the guard house. Getting slightly drunk. Looking back on it now I am quite ashamed, I really shouldn't have been getting drunk while on guard duty at the dead of night. I was supposed to be protecting the country. But that is how I was, and as these stories are the chronicles of my nawty life. I am going to tell you both the good the bad and the ugly.

So there I was, getting all quietly drunk, sitting in my  khakis and with my M16 machine gun on my lap. Really, there is nothing to do when guarding the base and it was a warm night. And, well, yes, you guessed it I was starting to feel a little horny just sitting in my little century box by the gate. 

And being a bit drunk I was losing my inhibitions and started to rub the butt of my trusty machine gun against my crotch.

Mmmm, it felt good, and I was starting to get nice and wet. I undid my button and zipper and slipped my hand down there and started just to run gently on my clit. Slowly at first. Mmmmm, it feels so good. I undid a couple of buttons on my shirt too. I unhooked my bra and slipped my other hand inside my shirt and started to tweak at my nipples and squeezing my large natural breasts.

I was starting to frig my clitoris a little faster now and the feeling was building up and I could feel that I was getting closer to orgasm now.

So there I was leaning back in my chair, one leg perched high, my shirt was open my bra on the floor and my hand down my knickers and going at 100 miles an hour. I was moaning quite loud I guess and I was feeling my orgasm start to build inside me.

"What the fuck are you doing Shav?"

"Shit, fuk, Erm, nothing sir".handdownpants01

I stammered as I pulled my hand out of my knickers and stood up quickly knocking my "fizzy orange" drink over. I bent over and grabbed it quickly to stop it from pouring all over the floor of the guardroom.

My shirt was open and my breasts were clearly visible.

My commanding officer grabbed the drink out of my hand and smelled it.

"What's this Shav; you're drinking alcohol while guarding?"

"I'm sorry sir, I just, I don't know, I didn't know what it was"

Haha, yeah, sure" he said and took a swig. "Like I'm going to believe that Shav"

And what were u doing when I walked in, well you know I'm going to have to report this.

"No, no, please don't" I sobbed knowing that this was going to mean at least 3 months in jail and utter disappointment from my parents. 

He walked up to me and looking me up and down. And although I was shitting myself he was very sexy. Crewcut hair and chiseled face. Dark stubble and deep dark eyes.

"Well, maybe we could keep this between ourselves" he said reaching out and touching my army shirt that was still unbuttoned. Opened it further and gently touched my breast.

"What do you mean sir?" I said.

"I think you know what I mean, he announced before taking a swig of my fizzy sink and handing it back to me."

I took a glug too and looked him in the eye...

"okay so what do u want then?" I said with a little bit of disdain in my voice.

I was still very nervous and also a bit sickened but Amos was quite a good looking older man and I knew this was going to be the only way I was going to stay out of jail so I thought...

"Fuck it" what other choice did I have.

So I took yet another swig of my fizzy orange Dutch Courage and still with the drink one my hand I reached out with the other and placed it on Amos's crotch and started rubbing his cock through his army khaki pants.

"Is this what you want"IMG_0550

"oh yes, that feels good doesn't it"

"mmmmm, I can feel it starting to get hard mmmmmmm, let me see it baby" said as I started to unbuckle his belt.

I fumbled with his buckle so he hurriedly unbuckled it for me and got it out of his boxers. I reached out and took it in my bare hand. it was already quite hard so I started stroking it back and forth and it quickly went from being semi to getting nice and hard as I stroked it back and forth.

"mmmm orrr yes, mmmm  orrrrrr baby" he started moaning and grunting as I stood in front of him off jerking his fat little prick.

"You like me stroking it don't you, does that feel good"  IMG_2471

Every time he was moaning it just turned me on more and more. For the first time I felt like the tables were turned and I was the one in control. I had all the power now and I was LOVING it !!!

Suddenly I felt a complete shift and change in my complete demure. 

I grabbed him by his fat n stubby prick and pulled him over and pushed him into to the only chair in the guard box.

I started to do a little strip for him, teasing him from behind as I dropped my Khaki pants to the floor, the green army shirt was already unbuttoned but i dropped it over my shoulder and teased him.

I stood over him and placed my foot, with army boot on the leg of the chair I pulled my thong to the side.

"lick it" I ordered

of course he wasn't going to wait to be asked twice. Fri-Night-Fun23

"make me wet" 

"oh yes, mmmmm"

he mumbled as he had a face full of my 18 year old fresh pussy.

Thats enough, now I want to suck on your little dick and take it all down my throat"

I knelt down in between his legs and looked up at him with those less than innocent eyes. And I slowly made that nice fat prick disappear into my mouth. I gagged a little, not because of the length but it was the girth that got me.

I slowly drew my mouth back and was looking up at him. God I felt so fucking nawty. And I was really becoming so turned on with what we were doing. Fri-Night-Fun19

"Mmmm yeah, I love having this fat cock in my mouth mmmm, I can take it all the way down my throat"

I slowly took it all in again, burying it in between my lips once more. This time when I took it out I slapped it against my face.

"Oh yeah, I love that" he moaned,

"Now slap it hard. Hit my little cock Shav. Hit it hard." he said.

This sort of shocked me a little, I didn't want to say he had a small cock. But he did, it was really quite small, nice and fat think and firm but not much length at all and so I guess he must know that.

So I gave him a smack,Fri-Night-Fun22

"Harder Shav" he said

So I smacked it again. Harder this time and it bounced around back and forth

"Harder" and so again, this time I really did give it a hard slap with my right hand.

"Yes thats it baby; do it again"

So I did, and then again and again.

And it seemed that every time I slapped it harder he groaned louder and his little fat prick got harder.

"You like me slapping your fat little cock baby" I saidFri-Night-Fun21

"Yeah, you want it harder baby?" I taunted,

"You want me to slap that little cock harder baby.. Mmmm, its so fuking hard,,, mmmmm I love it "

I said as I rubbed it all over my face and lips before slamming it back again down deep down my throat and to the back of my mouth again.

"Arrrghhh, yes orrrrrrr yessss "

I thought he was going to cum and wanted to have some more fun so I stood up in front of him.

"I want your little cock inside me now" I said as I pushed him backwards and onto the chair.

I stood up and once again hovered above him this time teasing the tip of his small fat dick with the pubic hairs on my teenage pussy. I was spreading my pussy open wide and rubbing my clit against the head of his cock.

My pussy was so wet is was dripping on his cock.

I slowly lowered myself down and felt his fat dick stretch open my tight 18 year old pussy. His cock certainly wasn't very long but it definitely felt very good. It was hard and had a very big girth and I moaned loudly as I sunk down onto his shaft. 

Amos grabbed my hands and placed them around his throat.IMG_3049

"Oh yes, I'm going to fuk this little dick baby"

"I want you to unload and spray your cum inside me"

I was grinding my pussy down on him and I had my hands round his throat.

The power trip was an absolute buzz and it was making me hornier than I had ever been before. I felt like I was going to cum but before I could get there I heard him grunt and felt a nice warm rush of cum inside my tight cunny.

It was so nice, something I had wanted to experience for a long time and it was just weird that it was such an odd situation that allowed me to have my first real "full" sex with a man. (that wasn't forced upon me).IMG_3053

I slowly started to slip off his cock and it felt strange as all his cum was oozing out of my pussy and onto my my leg. I went to grab my knickers and wipe it away but Amos stopped me. He grabbed my wrist and asked if he could lick it out of me. He even said please. And I had never ever heard him say please for anything.

"Erm, Yeah sure " I said.

And he got up out of the chair and asked me to sit down again where I was when he first walked in. I put my leg up on the table and started to play with some of the cum that was dripping out of me, I got some on my fingers and looked him right in the eye as I gave it a taste.

"mmmmmmmm, your cum tastes so good baby. Now get down here and lick my cunt and taste your own spunk from out of my young teen Koosit". (Koosit is a hebrew word that means cunt or pussy btw 😉 ).

Amos was fumbling around trying to get his pants from around his ankles. I noticed that he took out his sidearm. He took out the cartridge and laid it on the table. He turned the gun around and gave it to me.jericopistol

"I want you to force me to lick you out and eat my cum from your pussy"

"Ok so this is weird" I thought. But played along with it.

I pointed the empty gun at my commanding officer and said really not in a convincing way.. IMG_3052

"Ok, so er eat my pussy, lick me out then" I was pretty scared actually.

It was just wrong, so wrong. Here I was, pointing a revolver at my commanding officer and he was going to... No it was just wrong.

But then Amos barked;

IMG_4082"Come on, say it like you mean it"

Which sort of frightened me into being more forceful and giving him what he wanted.

"Right, get on your knees and lick my pussy you dirty fuck" I said. Pointing the revolver right at his face.

He dropped on his knees and started to lap at my pussy, he was licking me like a dog.. and although I didn't really know any better I knew this wasn't really any good so I scooped some off his cum out of my pussy and made him taste it and smeared it on his face.

"That's it. Now keep licking me like that, yeah, lap at my pussy and get all your cum all over your face. I want to watch you get your face all sticky with your own cum " IMG_3051

All the while with the revolver pointed right at his head as he was licking me out.

Now fucking make me cum with your tongue, lick me and make me cum all over your face.

You didn't make me cum fucking me so you better do a good job now with your tongue you useless piece of shit."

"Fuck me with your fingers baby; yeah that's it, oh god, fuck yes, I can feel it baby, oh shit yes that's it. Oh oh oh"

Still pointing the gun at his head I took my other hand and started to frig my pussy, just enough to finish myself off.

"Oh fuck yes, oh yes, yeeeeeees, oh god cumming on your face. Yes. Fuck baby yeeeeeeesssss"

I screamed as my orgasm ripped through my body and made me shake all over.

He licked my clit again,


Could there be another nawty vid of me eating a creampie and then licking it off my fingers behind this pic? mmmmm click press to find out

"Get off me!"

I screamed again. I didn't mean to be so abrupt but just after I have a big orgasm like that I am so sensitive and can't be touched.

But I think because I was so serious when I said it and I still had his revolver pointed right at his face Amos too this quite serious and I think was taken a little aback.

I noticed that his little cock was hard again.

"Now stand up"

I motioned with the gun.

"Now I want you to cum all over me this time"

"Yeah, wank that little cock baby. I'll be your dirty little nymph slut if you're a good boy and cover me with your cum sticky load."

I was playing with my pussy and tasting my juices and talking really filthy and so again Amos didn't last that long and before I knew it I was feeling my tits and belly being splattered with his jizz.

After that he immediately turned back into the commanding officer I knew. Nice, jovial, but also back to serious business.shavbbad

He told me that I just cannot ever tell anyone about this. And of course for this reason I have changed his name in this book.

But also, he said that it was his fantasy to be dominated like that and that although he has been to a few dominatrix / prostitutes before he had never had anyone point a gun at him and it had always been his fantasy and so he thanked me for that... and said sorry too.

Actually, I said not to be sorry because actually I ended up really enjoying that experience and for the next 6 months that I was stationed in that base and he was my commanding officer we had more than a few naughty sessions like that.

I guess it might have been this experience that was what really got me into being turned on by control.

I like to be in control when it comes to sex, as soon as I lose the control I push back. It turns me off, I do like to be dominated now (all these years later) but only by the one man I trust. Oh and I don't mind being dominated by women too... thats always one of my favorite fantasies,

Tie me Spank me

I guess its because it feels safer than a man dominating me. 

If I'm not completely trusting of a man (and there is only one man I completely trust to that degree) then I like to be the one in control. I learnt that I can use sex, I can use it to have the power over men and not ever allow myself to be in the situation I was in before. 

But anyway, I digress, let's get on with my nawty stories, and the next experience I want to tell you about is my first time ever swapping sex partners. I did this with my best friend while we were traveling around India. She's still my best friend today, but she doesn't know how nawty I am so I obviously changed a few of the names. But we were in Goa, and... well, I'll let you read the whole story here.

Indian Summer 

And I just wanted to say thank you, thank you for reading my nawty stories, I really appreciate it. 


Shav xxx


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