Alone in my bed

By Laura AustinLaurasolo00

Sometimes at night when I'm in my bed and my boyfriend is at work, I'll start to get aroused- I'll fantasize about what it would be like to be touched by another man. I'll lay there on my back with my eyes lightly closed, breathing in shallow breaths, I'll place my hands on my breasts gently caressing them, rubbing them in circular motions and pinching my nipples.

am_wishlistThe sensation I create for myself feels amazing! but I want more. I'll lift up my silk nighty so my hands can touch my bare skin and I can feel the warmth and firmness of my young breasts. I'll slightly moan out in pleasure then I'll slowly move my hands down to my belly and In my mind I picture a handsome, but rugged man. He has wavy sandy blond hair that is about shoulder length and he hasn't shaven his face in a few days. He goes to the gym but not faithfully, so he is solid but still has some cushioning. He is tall, but not too tall, just about six one. Laurasolo01

As I stamp this image of my fantasy man in my mind, my hands lightly rub my my belly and then down to the sides of my legs, I take hold of my silky blue panties and push them down as far as I can and finish kicking them off with my foot. I slide my hand over the freshly shaven area and rub the outside of my slightly wet and aroused pussy.

cb160x600-5I'll start rub the opening and it's not long before I start getting wetter. I'll let my other hand wander its way back up to my breasts and it explores their warm softness some more. My other hand has stimulated me so much and it has gotten me so horny, I had to have more.

I'll slowly slide my pointer finger inside me but not all the way- I'll pulled it out and placed it on my lips for a taste, then inserted it back inside me. I went a little deeper this time and my finger got wetter and again I pulled it out and placed it on my lips, but this time I slide it all the way in my mouth. I licked all of my juices off it and I went back for a third time, but this time I went in as far as I could. I flick my finger it back and forth deep inside me, almost in the same fashion as if you were scratching an itch.Laurasolo02

I'll reach over to my boyfriends side of the bed and take one of his pillows and place it on top of me and hold on to it with the hand that was massaging my breasts. I am feeling more and more aroused as I fantasize about this stranger, in my bed, making love to me. But at the same time I am picturing this stranger I can smell my boyfriends scent on his pillow.

I'll switch my hand from one finger to two and push them both in my pussy deeper, my breathing starts get heavier as my whole body starts to quiver. I can feel my juices build up and leak out of my pussy and then start to run down over my ass.

I'll grab on to the pillow tighter as my legs start to shake, I can feel a dampness running up the back of my neck and a pressure building up in my pussy. I'll slow down for a moment because I want this moment to last for a long time. The pleasure I learned to give myself when my boyfriend was away was exhilarating, I had to get back into it.Laurasolo06

I'll start going faster and faster- deeper and deeper, sometimes I'll push my fingers in as deep as I can get them and just hold them there, just like my boyfriend does when he is fucking me and filling me up with his baby batter. When I'm fingering myself it will just get to the point where I'll just go crazy! I'll needed to finish- I'll open my eyes and look at the pillow that is still on top of me, I'll put both of my hand on the sides of it and I'll say "

I want you to cum inside me"

I'll put two fingers back in my pussy and massage it until the sensation is so great I'll exploded. A big wet orgasm will soak my bed sheets, my whole body tenses up and I'll uncontrollably arched my back, I'll take a deep breath of my boyfriends pillow and let the scent lingers in my lungs as my self inflicted orgasm takes to me the pleasure land. Laurasolo05

When I finally stopped my orgasm, I'll put his pillow back and just lay there. The imaginary stranger will pull his big cock out of me and when he did some of his cum leaked out and ran down the inside of my leg and over the edge of my pussy to my ass and finally to the bed sheets.

He'll look me in my eyes and then give me a soft kiss on my lips. He'll get up from the bed and get dressed, once he is dressed he'll stand over the bed and look down at me without saying a single word and then he'll just fade away in a blur as I hear the the front door open and a voice say

"baby I'm home"Laurasolo07

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