50 Shades Of Shav Part 3

Here are all the stories in Chapter 3 or...

Friends With Benefits


Army Life - Losing my virginity (again) ;))


Indian Summer (First time swapping)


Joining the Mile High Club


Helping out a friend to have her st Orgasm


Shooting Star seen in the BIG apple (Lesbian Foursome)


And if you're interested in saying hi, and maybe even getting together for a #nawty adventure of some description. Then, write to me, I would love to hear from you, I don't promise to meet everyone (imagine how busy / and sore I would be haha), but I do promise to always respond. 

So click the button below to get in touch, we're especially looking for couples or women that want to be in my nawty home movies or just meet for some adult fun. 

Party Page


Shav xxx


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